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the perfect nightcap 👌 #ninagarcia #NYtimesbestseller #stylequeen 😍

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happy earth day baby world 🌎🎉 take a moment outdoors today & just enjoy this beautiful weather ❤ #nofilternecessary #naturalbeauty #earthday (at Student Recreation and Wellness Center)

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I searched high and low for a blouse with a big bow and couldn’t find it anywhere! So.. I bought some ribbon #diy #fashion

LOVE this idea, brilliant! <3 

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Festival fairies

coachella one day, <3 

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Sprung on Spring; SoulCal Essentials

I’m a SoulCal girl; born & raised, with that luxury it means that I’m always Spring/Summer ready since we get sunshine & clear skies 3/4 of the year. This look is inspired by all my beautiful soul cal girls: cool & casual with a hint of flirty. 

What I’m Wearing:


  • "FULL TILT" Floral Ladder Back Lace Bandeau 
  • DIY Pink Ombre Cut Out Tank 
  • Crochet Fringe Vest 
  • Loose 3/4 Bat Sleeve Cotton Cardigan
  • Sunnies from Papers & Peonies 


  • Vintage High-Waisted Shorts
  • Vintage Faux Leather Green Belt 
  • Cream Chunky Peep Toe Wedges 
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Inspired to Inspire.

Since the age of 8, I knew I wanted to change the world. I wanted to be THAT girl.  But since dreams of being the president are out of the window for a slightly jaded 23 year old, I had no quarry drowning myself in the world of fashion. 

From wanting to change the world to falling in love with an industry that has a bad reputation for assimilation it can be strange transition to understand. Being in love with fashion can seem vain, shallow, and superficial but what people, who don’t love fashion, don’t understand is that it is a merely another means of artistic escape for the soul.
What we wear on the outside often reflects who we are and how we want the world to see us. Of course we may not have the time or means to put the best version of ourselves out there (school/gym = comfy/bummy attire) but on days we do it should definitely not be seen as vain, shallow, and superficial. Fashion is so unconsciously inseparable to one’s inner feelings that it shouldn’t have such a negative connotation, but rather it should be wildly embraced for its celebration of individuality. 

Follow me on my journey to find exactly what that means to me.